Vacuum Consumable Electrode Arc Melting

Vacuum consumable electrode arc melting

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Vacuum consumable electrode arc melting

In a vacuum environment, the consumable electrode produced by induction melting furnace or other mechanical means is melted by controllable DC arc heating, which is called vacuum consumable electrode arc melting. The arc is generated between the bottom of the consumable electrode (cathode) and the bottom of the crucible (anode). When the arc is formed, it can quickly create a molten pool of metal. The arc heating zone between the bottom of the electrode and the top of the material being melted is precisely maintained at a determined melting rate.

In vacuum arc of high-temperature melting can make metal degassing, oxygen, and the process of removing impurity, to obtain the pure metal billet, melting metal under the action of water-cooling crucible cooling solidification, as a result, the melting of the high rate and the precise control of arc heating area, can guarantee the consistency of the direction of melt metal solidification, and prevent solidification macro segregation and reduce the number of micro segregation. The metal properties of solidified ingot material are greatly improved. Before the melting speed, the supply current of the power supply should be gradually reduced to increase the output. Vacuum arc smelting is generally used to refine stainless steel, superalloy, titanium, and other easily oxidized metals and alloys, niobium, and other high-temperature alloys.


1. Application:
Mainly used for smelting titanium and its alloys also can smelt other metals.
2. Features:
1 "Coaxial conduction
2 "compact structure, cantilever design
3 "box-type structure, quick installation.
4. Computer and PLC automatic control.
5 ."6X-Y axis concentric

6.Power control is customized according to customer requirements.
3. Technical indicators:
1 "Limit vacuum: 6.7x10-2Pa
2 "Pressure rise rate: 1.2Pa \H
3 "Loading quantity: 50~5000KG
4, Conventional model:

1 "VAR-650KG \\VAR-1.5TKG\\ VAR-3T \\VAR-5T

2 "Special specifications: can be customized according to customer needs

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