Environmental Protection Vacuum Electroslag Furnace

Environmental protection vacuum electroslag furnace

Product Details

Environmental protection vacuum electroslag furnace

1. Application:

An environment-friendly vacuum electroslag furnace is mainly used to produce nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based ultra-high temperature alloys. The high-quality products produced by these alloys are widely used in the aviation industry, tunneling machine, petrochemical industry, and other industries. The product is widely used in purification and smelting.

2. Features:

2.1 Vertical single-chamber or double-chamber structure, semi-continuous production, upper loading and unloading chamber, lower mold smelting chamber.

2.2 Fill it with inert protective gas and configure the gas emission device to achieve circulating work, to ensure the volatile pressing and smelting purity of alloy materials.

2.3 Frequency conversion speed regulating motor accurately controls the electrode rise and fall.

2.4 Magnetic stirring mode of crystallizer can achieve uniform liquid temperature and full mixing and reaction.

2.5 Quick solidification with optional bottom water-cooled copper crucible for forced cooling.

2.6 Precise smelting control process

2.7 Computer or PLC automatic control system

3. Performance indicators:

3.1 Ultimate vacuum degree: 5.0×10-0Pa

3.2 Pressure rise rate: 1Pa/h

3.3 Falling speed of melting electrode: adjustable from 0.1 to 10mm/min

3.4 Rise speed of electrode: 200mm/min

3.5 Maximum melting temperature: 1800℃

3.6 Melting capacity: 500kg ~ 3000kg

3.7 Maximum size of the water-cooled crucible: Φ500 ×1300mm

4. Specification and model:

4.1 Conventional model: VHB1000kg // VHB2000kg //- VHB3000kg

4.2 Other specifications: Products can be customized according to customer requirements.

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