ZY-2641 Stainless Steel Sheet Coating Machine

The big size PVD coating machine can be coating stainless steel sheet, furniture parts, and so on.
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Chamber size:φ2600*H4100mm Vertical type

3 sheets/chamber of 1300×3100×3mm (thickness) stainless steel sheet can be coating at one time,Also can be coat the size less than 1900×3700×50mm (thickness) frame and parts.

Coating colors:

TiN(gold), rose, coffee, zirconium, gun black, champagne, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:(Cleaning,Empty chamber,cold state,new equipment)

(1). Ultimate vacuum: 5x10-4 Pa

(2). Pressure retention: from limit to 5× 10-1pa ≥1h.

(3).Pump speed: From atmos. to 6.7x10-3Pa<15minutes

Configuration of the Vacuum Coating Machine:





Vacuum chamber


Vertical, upper cover open, material SUS304, double layer, with double layer cooling water jacket, 36 arc source holes, 4 observation Windows.

Workpiece Carousel

Hoisting type rotary frame, both revolution and rotation, 1set of rotary frame,can fitting two kinds of fixtures, 1)one time can install 3 pieces stainless steel sheet of 1300×3100×3mm(thickness); 2) can also be coating other parts, less than 1900×3700×50mm.
There are revolution, and rotation,
speed is adjustable.

Liner plate

Stainless steel 304

2Sets of SUS304 stainless steel liner plate,thickness is 0.8mm.

Pump system


Pump group

2sets of JKT-1000 diffusion pump groups,contains 2pcs of ZJP-1200 Roots pumps,8pcs 2X-70pumps,2pcs 2X-30pumps,Pipe and valve use high quality steel to manufacturing.

Heating system

Stainless steel

Using far infrared stainless steel tube heater, heating power 48KW,  power transmission using contactless relay; Temperature measurement using intelligent temperature control instrument to control the temperature , heating temperature 200℃.

Arc source

Cathod Φ100×40

36pcs dynamoelectric arc strike


Arc power source

36 sets  maximum current 250A and operating current below 150A

Bias power source

40KW bias power supply, two gears: 1000V,40A one gear; 500V 80A another gear.

Gas charging system

 4 pcs qixing huachuang mass flow controllers with a flow rate of 2000sccm.

1pc 4 channels mass flow display

Vacuum gauge

1pc composite vacuum gage


Control system

Manual + automatic two types; Fully automatic Japanese Omron PLC+ 15-inch touch screen; Using special coating process system, an independent full set of complete manual system.

Waterway control

Stainless steel

Each unit is individually controlled.


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