ZY-2236 Horizontal Cathodic Arc Coating Equipment

ZY-2236 Horizontal Cathodic Arc Coating Equipment

Big size, horizontal cathodic arc deposition coating machine. Use for stainless steel coating, metal pipe coating, furniture parts coating, big size hardware coating.
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2 to 3 sheets/furnace of 1220×2440×3mm (thickness below) stainless steel plate can be coating at one time. Can also be coating less than 1300×3100×50mm (thickness) frame and spare parts.


2.Coating Rang:

TiN(Gold),Rose, coffee, zirconium, gun black, champagne,etc


3.Equipment parameters:


1)The ultimate vacuum degree is 7× 10-4pa (new equipment, empty furnace, cold state).

2)Pressure retention: from limit vacuum to 0.5 Pa, no less than 1 hour.

3)Working cycle: pumping from atmosphere to 6.8× 10-3pa ≤15min. (new equipment, empty furnace, cold state)







Vacuum Chamber


Chamber size




Vacuum chamber structure

Adopt horizontal  type vacuum chamber, the material is SUS304 stainless steel; Double-layer cooling water jacket, there is a diversion channel in the water jacket to ensure even indoor temperature; 32 arc-source holes are left on the sidewall, 4 observation holes, heating holes are left on the periphery, filling holes are left on the bottom, etc.
Inner surface polishing, outer surf
ace spray polyester paint, beautiful appearance.





liner plate

Stainless steel liner with the thickness of 0.8mm



Rotation system

Squirrel cage type frame structure, adjustable rotation speed, equipped with indoor squirrel cage positioning trolley
And outdoor mobile trolley, a total of 2 sets (each coating machine 2 sets/set).





Pump System


Diffusion pump

Use KT-1000 Diffusion pump 2set


2 sets


Roots pump


ZJP-1200 roots pump


2 pcs


Machinery pump


2X-15 Machinery pump


2 pcs


Slide valve pump


H150 Slide valve pump


2 pcs



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