Vacuum Plating Equipment

Vacuum Plating Equipment

IKS PVD, supply decorative coating machine, tool coating machine, optical coating machine

Product Details

Magnetron Sputtering Multi-Arc Vacuum Coating Machine


Technical: magnetron sputtering + Arc

Application: Decorative coating

Color:IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne, silver, coffee, gun black, zirconium gold, rose red, etc.

Substrate: jewelry, tableware, digital products, watches and clocks( watchband, dial, etc.), luggage accessories, glasses frames, lamps and lanterns, golf clubs, mobile phone shells,  stainless steel hardware (sanitary ware, door handle, door lock) and other decorative coatings.


Vacuum Chamber: can be  customized

Coating Cycle: 0.5~2 Hours/coating cycle

Working Gas: Ar, N2, O2, C2H2, etc

Machine structure: vertical

Characters of Decorative Coatings


IP Series

 PVD coating Sample Pictures



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