PVD Decorative Coating Machine

PVD Decorative Coating Machine

Watch and Clock Coating,Jewelry Coating,ARCHITECTURAL MATERIAL COATING,Automobile industRy COATING,Decoration Coating,Glass and Ceramic Coating ,Mobile Phone Accessaries Coating,Sanitary Hareware Coating

Product Details


ZY-PVD1413ZS ZY-PVD1613ZS ZY-PVD1913ZS Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

 l  Features

1. Green environmental protection, pollution-free.


2. Installed big size vacuum chamber, large loading capacity, high production efficiency, cost-effective.


3. Automatic control system, easy operation, stable performance.


4. Film layer is smooth, densification, and glossy.


5. Films uniformity and repeatability very good.

If you have any inquiry,tell us the details please,our profesional technology team will offer the suitable coating machine project for you,contact with us now,iks.pvd@foxmail.com.


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