Optical Glass Deposition System

Optical Glass Deposition System

Optical coating refers to the process of coating a layer (or layers) of metal (or medium) film on the surface of optical parts. The purpose of coating on the surface of optical parts is to reduce or increase light reflection, beam splitting, color separation, light filtering, polarization and other requirements. Commonly used coating methods are vacuum coating (a physical coating) and chemical coating.

Product Details

Optical thin film is an indispensable part of various kinds of optoelectronic technology, it can not only improve the system performance, and is the essential means to meet the design goals, the application field of optical film refer to all aspects of the optical system, including laser systems, optical communications, optical display, optical storage, etc., the main optical thin film devices include reflective film, antireflective film, polarizing film, interference filter, spectroscope and so on.

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