Optical Coating Machine

Optical Coating Machine

Application:Eyeglasses, reflective mirror, mobile phone backboard, protective cover, optical communication, optical display, etc

Product Details

Equipment Brief


IKS-OPT2700 is designed for large area optical film coating, It is electron-beam evaporative coating machine. The coating machine system is consist of vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, Vacuum detection and control, substrate heating system, electron beam evaporation system, ion source assisted deposition system, resistance evaporation system, film thickness monitoring system, working gas volume flow control system, work piece rotation system and automatic coating controlled by PLC.

The evaporation material is commonly used of rare metals, like YF3(yttrium fluoride), F3Pr(praseodymium fluoride), Ge(germanium), ZnS(zinc sulfide), MgF2(magnesium fluoride), TiO2(titanium dioxide), SiO2(silicon dioxide),ZrO2(zirconia), Co(cobalt), Ga(gallium), Se(selenium)and other metals. Cu(Copper), Mo(molybdenum), Si(silicon), Ge(germanium)and other metals are commonly used in the optical materials of reflectors.


It can be coating visible light color film, aluminum reflective film, AF anti-fingerprint film, low melting point organic film, visible light spectroscopic film, visible light anti-reflection film, etc


Equipment  Parameters

Chamber Size




Vacuum degree

ultimate vacuum:6×10-4Pa(No load for 24 hours without heating)


8000kg,Floor weight1000kg/m2

Leak rate

4×10-3Pa×L/S(Helium leak checking)


At room temperature to 250 ℃, the temperature uniformity ±5%

Working Vacuum

6×10-3Pa(Automatic   process start-up)

Power Supply

Three-Phase, 380V50Hz60-100KW

Low Vacuum

10 minutes10Pa

Water Cooling

The flow of Chamber4000L/H,The   flow of Pump1800L/H,The flow of Freezer1600L/H

High Vacuum

6 minutes8×10-3Pa

Warm Water

Evaporation Source1800L/H,35-60℃

Vacuum measurement

Whole-process monitoring and real-time point   collection

floor space



Eyeglasses, reflective   mirror, mobile phone backboard, protective    cover, optical communication, optical display, etc




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