Milling Cutter PVD Coating Machine

Milling Cutter PVD Coating Machine

Milling cutter PVD coating machine, TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, TiCrN, etc.

Product Details

Milling cutter PVD coating machine


Equipment features:

1. The vacuum seal of the vacuum chamber and the design and material of the indoor moving parts are fully considered to be able to withstand high temperatures and can be plated with superhard coating.

2. The coated layer has higher film-base bonding strength, smoother coating surface and better toughness, as well as more uniform coating thickness distribution.

3. Automatic control system is adopted, which greatly improves the process stability.

4. Large furnace cavity design, vacuum chamber size diameter1200×H1100, and equipped with removable type down frame, realizing rapid furnace switching, ensuring ultra-high production efficiency.

Milling cutter Coating samples



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