Marine Fittings PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

Marine Fittings PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

Marine Fittings ,stainless steel parts:Deck, hardware Hatches,Hinge,Balustrades and handrails,can be PVD coating by IKS PVD vacuum coating machine.

Product Details

ZY-PVD1413ZS ZY-PVD1613ZS ZY-PVD1913ZS Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

 l  Features

1. Green environmental protection, pollution-free.


2. Installed big size vacuum chamber, large loading capacity, high production efficiency, cost-effective.


3. Automatic control system, easy operation, stable performance.


4. Film layer is smooth, densification, and glossy.


5. Films uniformity and repeatability very good.


 l  Equipment Brief


ZY-PVD1913ZS Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine is a high quality vacuum coating equipment, specialized use for decorative product coating film. It’s integrated advanced technology of cathode arc ion coating, magnetron sputtering, pulse bias technology, etc. Adopted of medium frequency sputtering power supply and medium frequency magnetron cylindrical target, while greatly increasing the sputtering rate of target material and deposition rate of thin film, the uniformity and adhesion of the film layer are also greatly improved. Meanwhile, ZY-PVD1913ZS has newly developed industry PC, automatic control system of professional industrial control software, simple and quick operation, stable and reliable performance. Through the software designed interlock of hardware interworking, intelligent monitoringonline status memorybreakpoint protection etc. Combined with various hardware protection devices, make the equipment safe and reliable.


l  Equipment Parameters


Chamber Size


Effective   Space


Work-piece   Max-D and Quantity


Standard   Configuration

Arc Source   10pcs/ MF cylindrical target 6 pairs

Applied   Technology

MF+ARC+ Cylindrical   ARC +Planar Target(Optional)

Quantity of   Target Material

Arc Target   10pcs/ Cylindrical Target 12pcs

Standard   Coating Films Color

IP Black,   Rose Gold, IP Gold, Sapphire, Champaign Gold, Cool Silver, Coffee, Rainbow,   Gun Black, Zirconium Gold, Rosy, etc.

Power Source

DC stack pulse bias power   source, Medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply, Special vacuum   arc power supply

Production   Cycle

 1.5-3.5 hours/furnace

Overall   Demension


Rang of   Application

Jewelry,   mobile phone, watch, hardware, sanitary, golf equipment, tableware, etc.



l  Coated Product



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