​Large Size Multi-arc Ion Coating Machine

​Large Size Multi-arc Ion Coating Machine

PVD coating stainless steel board and tables chairs PVD coating machine
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Large size multi-arc ion coating machine

High-quality color coating: rose gold, Ti (Titanium)gold, champion gold, rainbow color, sapphire blue,  black,  black titanium, bronze, Japanese gold, emerald green, rose red, coffee, etc

Application: SS board, Hardware, furniture, decoration material, tables, chairs

Chamber Size:φ3400*H2000mm

The cooling water inlet temperature≤25℃

Power supply:Three-phase five-wire, 380V±5 %, 50Hz

Pumping system: diffusion pump with cold trap, roots pump, mechanical pump, holding pumps


Customized machine, according to the customer requirement details, and the factory layout.

More details, contact us now, E-mail: iks.pvd@foxmail.com

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