Toolings PVD Coating Machine

Toolings PVD Coating Machine

super hard coatings, for cutting tools, molds, casting die, injection mold.etc.

Product Details

ZY-1211 multi-arc ion coating machine adopts intelligent touch screen automatic control system to improve the process stability. At the same time, it is equipped with a brand-new PLC control system with programming, process setting, data collection, recording and other functions. Also, the using of special coating software that developed by ourselves ensure the easy operation of the machine. Besides, the machine adopts advanced process control system to ensure keep excellent performance and stable operation. ZY-1211 can make protective coatings with high quality, great density, good bonding strength, high hardness, good wear resistance on the metal surface, such as TiN, CrN AITiN, TiCN, AlCrN, TiSiN, TiAlCN, TiAICrN, etc. The protective coatings help improve hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of tool surface, also, it can significantly increase the service life of tools. So this nice machine are widely used in precision mold industry (punch dies, shearing dies, standard moulds, forming dies, etc.), tool industry (drills, blades, milling cutters, broaches, taps, and gear cutters, etc.), and automotive industry (pistons, piston rings, alloy wheels, etc.).




1. The designs and materials of both vacuum seal of the vacuum chamber and the moving parts in the chamber are fully considered to withstand high temperatures, so the  super-hard coating is available.


2. The coating has better adhesion strength of coating-substrate, smoother coating surface and better toughness, as well as more uniform coating thickness distribution.


3. Fully automatic control system greatly improves the process stability.

4. Large furnace cavity design (vacuum chamber size is φ1200 × H1100), and it is equipped with a removable low rotating stand to achieve fast furnace conversion, and ensure high production efficiency with convenient operation.


Chamber Sizeφ1200*H1100Effective Spaceφ850*H700
Max Dia of Workpiece shaft*qtyφ150*12axisPumping-down Time(from 6*10-3<15 mins
Voltage/Hz380V/50HzActual Power70KW
TechnologyHCD+ARCTarget Qty12pcs
Ultimate Pressure5.0*10-4PaLeak Rate<10-3Pa.L/s
Standard CoatingsTiN, CrN, TiCN, AlTiN, etc.Composite CoatingsTiAlCrN, TiSiN, TiCrN, DLC...
Rotating Stand StructureLower StructureVacuum Chamber StructureVertical Single Open
Power Supply

Arc Power Suppl

Pulse-bias Power Supply

Gun Power Supply

Vacuum System

Molecular Pump

Roots pump

Monoblock Pump

Coating Cycle3-6 hours/furnaceOccupation SpaceL4200*W2900*H2600mm

Milling cutter φ10*70 900pcsSupporting Conditions

Circulating Water Pressure:


Blade  φ18*6   6600pcsFlow:10T/H
Hob   φ80*80   68pcsCompressed Air:4-6KG/CM3
Moulds   500kg
Control Method

PLC+Touch Screen 

Configuration Software

Working GasAr, N2, O2, C2H2, etc
Industry PC+PLC+Touch Screen
Our own special coating software

Hardwares, Injection Moulding, Die Casting, Stamping Moulding, Various Accessories and Parts, Cutting Tools,etc.

NotesThe Furnace, Outlook and Other Parameters Can be Customized According to Your Requirement.

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Q. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer as you can see our workshop as above.

Q: What is your main market?

A: Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Asia, North America, South America, Europe, etc.

Q:What kind of trade terms can you do? 


Q: Do you have quality certification for you products?

: Yes, we past the new international standards GB / T19001-2016 / ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: For PVD coating machine, generally it is 20~40 days after receiving the deposit, the actual delivery time is depends on the quantity and configuration.

     For PVD coating accessories, generally it is 15~20 days after receiving the deposit, the actual delivery time is depends on the quantity.



Q: Do you have any MOQ limit for PVD coating machnie or PVD coating accessories?

A: For PVD coating machine, no, we don't have MOQ limit for PVD coating machine.

     For PVD coating accessories, small MOQ.

Q: How to proceed an order for PVD coating machine?

A1. Give us your requirement, drawing or application (incluing your product category, product material, product use, required films, required loading capacity ...)

     2. Our  R&D team will give you the right equipment scheme based on your information.

     3. You should confim the equipment scheme and place the deposit for former order.

     4. We arrange production.

PVD coating layer thickness of micron scale, with thin thickness, average of 0.1 microns ~ 5 microns, the decorative coating thickness is commonly 0.1microns ~ 1 microns, so it can be almost does not affect the original size of the work-piece, raise all kinds of physical properties and chemical properties on the surface of the work-piece, and can maintain the work-piece size,No further processing is required after PVD coating.


What are the colors of PVD decorative coating that can be coated? We are able to make the color of the film has a sapphire, sky blue, ink blue, shallow golden (0.5 N gold), Japan (1) N gold, gold 24 k gold, imitation gold, champagne gold, zirconium aureate, gray, purple, IP IPS (316 l stainless steel and chromium), IPS (chromium target), rose gold (90%) of gold, rose gold (82%) of gold, rose gold gold (85%), IP black chromium (target), IP black silicon chromium (9:1), IP black (tungsten carbide), rainbow colour, light brown, brown, purple, brown, purple, sky gray, golden, light blue, etc. The color of coating can be controlled by controlling the parameters in the coating process. After coating, the color value can be measured with relevant instruments, so that the color can be quantified to determine whether the coated color meets the requirements. The main purpose of decorative coating is to improve the decorative properties and color of the appearance of the work-piece, at the same time to make the work-piece more wear-resistant corrosion and prolong its service life; This aspect mainly applies the hardware, the building material, the clock and watch, the jewelry, the mobile phone, the electronic, the digital product, the automobile, the motorcycle, the decoration and so on.


PVD tool coating layer has TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, TiB2, DLC, AlTiN, TiAlCrN, TiAlCN, tools coating mainly for the purpose of improving surface hardness and wear resistance of work-piece , reduce the friction coefficient of surface, oxidation resistance, improve the service life of the work-piece; This aspect is mainly used in various cutting tools, turning tools (such as gear cutting tools, shaving blades, turning tools, planing tools, milling cutters, drills, cutter grains, etc.), as well as all kinds of molds (such as injection molding, die-casting, stamping, molding) and other products.


If you want to apply PVD coating surface treatment to your products, please contact us now;, our company can provide PVD coating equipment and PVD coating service.


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