Economical PVD Coating System

Economical PVD Coating System

compact,economical,affordable,easy to operate,high quality PVD vacuum coating system.

Product Details

 Features :A smaller footprint, easy loading/unloading of parts, straightforward routine maintenance, and a simple coating-recipe-based interface make the system well matched to a broader range of applications.It can be widely used for the surface strengthening of moulds, mechanical parts and other products to extend their service life. And it is especially suitable for teaching and scientific research in colleges, laboratories and research institutes.


Vacuum Chamber φ 800xH500  

Effective Coating Space φ 450xH350

Max Diameter of Work-Piece × Quality φ 150x8PCS 

 Sputtering cathode  1HCD+4ARC

Voltage/Hz 380v 50Hz              Actual Power 30KW

Technology HCD+ARC             Target  4PCS

Ultimate Pressure 5x10 -4 Pa    Leak Rate 0.5Pa/h




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