Chrome Gold Vacuum Coating Machine

Chrome Gold Vacuum Coating Machine

Equipment Parameters Application
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Product Details

Equipment Parameters


Chamber Size


Effective Space


Work-piece Max-D and Quantity

Ф175×16 axis

Standard Configuration

Arc Source 10pcs/ reserve 5pcs

Applied Technology

ARC+Planar Target(Optional)

Quantity of Target Material

Arc Target 10pcs

Standard Coating Films Color

IP Black, Rose Gold, IP Gold, Sapphire, Champaign Gold, Cool Silver, Coffee, Rainbow, Gun Black, Zirconium Gold, Rosy, etc.

Power Source

DC stack pulse bias power source, Special vacuum arc power supply

Production Cycle

 1.5-3.5 hours/furnace

Overall Dimension


Rang of Application

Jewelry, mobile phone, watch, hardware, sanitary, golf equipment, tableware, etc.