Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZYPL1011 Coating Machine

Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZYPL1011 Coating Machine

List of Spare Parts
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List of Spare Parts

1Lip-type packing L4330Vacuum rubber
2O-ring φ 650x7.5Silicone
3O-ring φ 60x4FKM
4O-ring φ 6x3FKM6Inspection window
5O-ring φ 105x5FKM4Inspection window
6O-ring φ 125x6FKM2Drive joint
7Skeletion rubber oil seal  50x80x12NBR5Drive joint
8Oil seal 20x40x8FKM4Baffle
9O-ring φ 64x4FKM1Baffle
10O-ring φ 109x6NBR1Unit
11O-ring φ 258x6FKM1Unit
12O-ring φ 92x6NBR1Unit
13O-ring φ 48x4FKM4Heater group
14O-ring φ 18x3FKM8Arc striking group
15O-ring φ 14x3FKM1Bias voltage
16O-ring φ 9x3FKM2Bias voltage
17O-ring φ 14x3NBR3Grating valve
18O-ring φ 24x4NBR1Grating valve
19O-ring φ 16x2NBR163 valve
20O-ring φ 19x3FKM363 valve
21O-ring φ 68x5FKM163 valve
22O-ring φ 24x4FKM3250 valve
23O-ring φ 285x6FKM1250 valve
24O-ring φ 64x4FKM1250 valve
25O-ring φ 245x5FKM1250 valve

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