Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1913 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine

Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1913 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine

List of Spare Parts
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List of Spare Parts

1Seal ring φ 2.5x2.5FKM2ThermometrySpare parts*2
2Tip-type packing L4850Vacuum rubber1Door sealSpare parts*2
3O-ring φ 15x4FKM2Gauge holderSpare parts*2
4O-ring φ 106x4FKM4Inspection windowSpare parts*2
5Ground glass φ 95x3Glass
4Inspection windowSpare parts*2
6O-ring φ 8x2.5FKM6Inspection windowSpare parts*2
7O-ring φ 165x5.5FKM2Inspection windowSpare parts*2
8O-ring φ 54x3FKM1Rotating standSpare parts*2
9O-ring φ 180x6FKM1Rotating standSpare parts*2
10O-ring φ 200x6FKM1Rotating standSpare parts*2
11Seal ring φ 212x5NBR1UnitSpare parts*2
12Seal ring φ 150x4NBR1UnitSpare parts*2
13Seal ring φ 170x5NBR1UnitSpare parts*2
14Seal ring φ 85x4NBR3UnitSpare parts*2
15Seal ring φ 84x4NBR3UnitSpare parts*2
16Seal ring φ 104x4NBR3UnitSpare parts*2
17Tip-type packing L2800Vacuum rubber2Arc sourceSpare parts*2
18O-ring φ 80x4FKM4Planar targetSpare parts*2
19O-ring φ 670x6FKM2Planar targetSpare parts*2
20O-ring φ 55x3FKM4Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
21O-ring φ 135x5FKM2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
22O-ring φ 30x2.65NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
23O-ring φ 54x2.5NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
24O-ring φ 16x2.65NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
25O-ring φ 69x3.5NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
26O-ring φ 80x3.5NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
27O-ring φ 20x3NBR2Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
28O-ring φ 7x2.7NBR4Cylinder arcSpare parts*2
29O-ring φ 11x4NBR15Cylindrical targetSpare parts*2
30Oil seal 20x36x10NBR30Cylindrical targetSpare parts*2
31O-ring φ 80x5FKM15Cylindrical targetSpare parts*2
32O-ring φ 90x5FKM15Cylindrical targetSpare parts*2
33O-ring φ 55x4FKM30Cylindrical targetSpare parts*2
34O-ring φ 330x5NBR4Target flange 2Spare parts*2
O-ring φ 218x5NBR6Target flange 1Spare parts*2
36O-ring φ 120x3NBR10Arc source blind plate 1Spare parts*2
37O-ring φ 18x3NBR10Arc source blind plate 1Spare parts*2
38O-ring φ 310x6NBR1Top cover blind plate 1Spare parts*2
39O-ring φ 145x5NBR1Top cover blind plate 2Spare parts*2
40O-ring φ 200x5NBR1Bottom cover blind plateSpare parts*2
41O-ring φ 100x4NBR24Cylindrical target blind plateSpare parts*2
42O-ring φ 45x3NBR2Grating valve blind plateSpare parts*2
43O-ring φ 84x4NBR2Planar target blind plateSpare parts*2
O-ring φ 85x4NBR2Arc target blind plateSpare parts*2

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