Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1515 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine

Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1515 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine

List of Spare Parts
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List of Spare Parts

1Seal ring φ 2.5x2.5FKM
2O-ring φ 15x4
FKM8Gauge holder group
3O-ring φ 30x4FKM8Heater group
4Oil seal 15x35x10Rubber Ⅰ2

Pneumatic grating valve

5O-ring φ 42x4NBR2Pneumatic grating valve
6Oil seal 10x22x7FKM4180 Inspection window
7O-ring φ 104x4FKM4180 Inspection window
8Oil seal 40x62x10FKM3Principal axis of rotating stand
9O-ring φ 105x5FKM2Principal axis of rotating stand
10O-ring φ 16x2NBR163 Valve
11O-ring φ 19x3FKM363 Valve
12O-ring φ 84x4NBR163 Valve
13O-ring φ 64x4NBR163 Valve
14O-ring φ 68x5FKM163 Valve
15Convex apron φ600x10x10Oil resistance NBR
1600 Valve
16O-ring φ 150x4Oil resistance rubber
2600 Valve
17O-ring φ 19x4Oil resistance rubber1600 Valve
18O-ring φ 68x5NBR1600 Valve
19O-ring φ 33x5NBR3600 Valve
20O-ring φ 174x4NBR1150 valve
21O-ring φ 51x5NBR1150 valve
22O-ring φ 24x4NBR3150 valve
23O-ring φ 150x5NBR1150 valve
24Lip-type packing L5560Vacuum rubber1Cylinder
25O-ring φ 15x3FKM1100 Cylindrical target
26O-ring φ 22x4NBR1100 Cylindrical target
27Oil seal 35x50x10NBR2100 Cylindrical target
28O-ring φ 115x5FKM1100 Cylindrical target
29O-ring φ 125x5FKM1100 Cylindrical target
30Oil seal 45x70x10FKM2100 Cylindrical target
31O-ring φ 85x4FKM2100 Cylindrical target
32O-ring φ 195x8FKM16Arc source blind plate
33O-ring φ 125x6FKM1Rotating stand blind plate
34O-ring φ 25x4NBR8Heater blind plate
35O-ring φ 105x5FKM1Rotating stand blind plate
36O-ring φ 45x4FKM4Baffle blind plate
37O-ring φ 125x5FKM4Cylindrical target blind plate
38O-ring φ 45x3FKM2Grating valve blind plate
39O-ring φ 670x10NBR1Unit
40O-ring φ 610x10NBR2Unit
41O-ring φ 156x6NBR10Unit
42O-ring φ 170x6NBR1Unit
43O-ring φ 105x4NBR2Unit
44O-ring φ 70x4NBR7Unit
45O-ring φ 80x4NBR3Unit
46O-ring φ 45x4FKM4Board
47Oil seal 32x15x7NBR8Board