Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1211 Multi-Arc Ion PVD Coating Machine

Spare Parts Of Sealing Elements For ZY-1211 Multi-Arc Ion PVD Coating Machine

List of Spare Parts
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List of Spare Parts

1Seal ring φ 2.5x2.5
2O ring φ 15x4FKM4Gauge holder set
3O-ring φ 25x4FKM12Heater set
4Oil seal 15x35x10Rubber Ⅰ1Electric grating valve
5O-ring φ 42x4NBR2Electric grating valve
6O-ring φ 105x4FKM3Inspection window set
7O-ring φ 85x4FKM6Inspection window set
8Oil seal 8x22x7FKM6Inspection window set
9O-ring φ 20x4FKM3Inspection window set
10O-ring φ 84x5FKM1Drive shaft
11Oil seal 35x55x12FKM3Drive shaft
12O-ring φ 90x5FKM1Drive shaft
13O-ring φ 170x6NBR1Unit
14O-ring φ 110x6NBR1Unit
15O-ring φ 25x4FKM12Heater blind plate
16O-ring φ 198x7FKM12Arc source blind plate
17O-ring φ 200x8FKM1Cathode blind plate
18O-ring φ 95x4FKM1Anode blind plate
19O-ring φ 90x5FKM1Swivel holder blind plate
20O-ring φ 45x3.2FKM2Grating valve blind plate
21O-ring φ 285x6FKM3Trinity valve
22O-ring φ 245x5FKM3Trinity valve
23O-ring φ 64x4FKM3Trinity valve
24O-ring φ 24x4FKM9Trinity valve
25O-ring φ 570x10FKM1Trinity valve
26O-ring φ 68x5FKM1300 By-pass valve
27O-ring φ 95x4FKM1300 By-pass valve
28O-ring φ 24x4FKM3300 By-pass valve
29O-ring φ 52x4FKM1300 By-pass valve
30O-ring φ 51x4FKM2100 Valve
31O-ring φ 24x4FKM6100 Valve
32O-ring φ 100x5FKM2100 Valve
33Lip-type packing L4310Vacuum rubber1Cylinder
34O-ring φ 105x4FKM12Inspection window set


O-ring φ 85x4FKM24Inspection window set
36Ground glass φ 78x4Glass
12Inspection window set
37Oil seal 8x22x7FKM24Inspection window set
O-ring φ 20x4FKM12Inspection window set