With The Advent Of 5G Era, Flexible Electronics May Become The New Application Technology Of Intelligent Life In The Future

- Mar 02, 2019-

With the advent of 5G era, flexible electronics may become the new application technology of intelligent life in the future


Since the concept of 5G came into being, various visions and innovations around 5G life have emerged in an endless flow. It is especially regarded as the world mobile communication conference (MWC2019) that led to the explosion of 5G in the first year. As the most cutting-edge communication technology of the era, 5G has seen many high-tech products related to it. It includes 5G folding mobile phone, autonomous driving, AR, VR, Internet of things, etc. Based on 5G ultra-fast transmission speed, data security and other advantages, there will be more future life application scenarios built around 5G technology, such as intelligent transportation to achieve driverless, virtual VR to achieve face-to-face communication, etc.


In the era of 5G, the Internet of everything, more and more products and scenes will be intelligent, requiring touch, display and other interactions, and the world full of screens will no longer be a fantasy of science fiction. However, traditional hard and straight display and touch devices can only be equipped on a fixed plane, which obviously can not adapt to such requirements. Flexible electronic technology is therefore regarded as another application trend of intelligent life in the future.


As the core technology of flexible electronics, flexible screen (also known as flexible OLED) has the hardware advantages of light source, lightness, portability and richer color compared with the previous hard panel screen. Foreign giants such as samsung, LG and domestic ruyu technology are actively expanding the application field of flexible screen.



Including soft technology, as in recent years, one of the world's fastest growing unicorn of science and technology enterprises, based on independent research and development of flexible displays, and the core of soft sensor technology, are widely used in consumer electronics, intelligent transportation, intelligent household, sports fashion, industry, education office, robot, reveal a strong technology research and development ability and the competitive power of quick production.


At this mobile conference, ruyu technology also presented a series of flexible electronic black technology products, such as FlexPai flexible mobile phones, fashionable flexible screen bags, smart home flexible screen speakers, flexible screen fashion clothes and hats, etc. Ruyu exhibition area also attracted a large number of visitors to observe the experience.


Although it is the first time to participate in the exhibition, soft yu clearly prepared, diverse products, a lot to see.



Consumer electronics - FlexPai mobile phone


As early as October 31, 2018, FlexPai, the world's first mobile phone that can be folded, adopted the second generation of FlexPai flexible screen independently developed by ruyu. The whole 8-inch full flexible screen is a flat panel when unfolded and a mobile phone when folded up, which takes the lead in realizing the integration of hd large screen and portability.


Since its launch, roo has been exhibited in many international large-scale exhibitions and is well known by many technology fans. It is still one of the most mature foldable mobile phone products at this mobile conference. At present, the school has been in the official website (www.royole.com) hot sales, consumers can order at any time to buy.


As a global smartphone craze, folding phones will naturally attract fierce competition from other mobile phone manufacturers. Samsung and huawei both launched their own folding mobile phones in MWC 2019. However, compared with the starting price of 8999 yuan of roopai, other manufacturers often set a price of 15,000 yuan or 20,000 yuan, so the price advantage of roopai mobile phones is obvious.


With most of the mobile phone market manufacturers use third party suppliers, screen soft pie is the independent research and development and production of whole flexible screens, based on its own technology products can save more cost and grasp the rapid production of power, may be soft released sent priority with cheaper price from other manufacturers.


Fashion sports - cool flexible screen clothes and hats, flexible screen fashion bags


Different always is fashionable main melody, how to attract the eye of others most quickly? A set of clothes and hats embedded with flexible screen can help you create unique style. Based on the unique flexible electronic technology, the flexible screen with the characteristics of "light, thin, soft and bright" can be easily embedded into textile and clothing. In addition, the flexible screen can be disassembled freely and the clothes can be washed, which reflects a good convenience.


As early as the 2018 World Cup in Russia, this flexible electronic fashion item with the most sense of science and technology has become famous overseas, and then appeared in Paris fashion week 2019 and sanya international music festival one after another, and immediately became the "eyeball" artifact pursued by fashionista and fashion youth. Whether you're in a crowd at a celebrity concert, in the stands of a crazy fan, or on a busy city street, flexible screen fashion clothes and hats can make you a fan. In addition, enterprises can also be used to perform creative, commercial institutions can be used to spread advertising, road shows, promotions and other commercial activities.


In addition, a fashion flexible screen bag that can display pictures and play video has also become one of the highlights of the exhibition area of ruyu. This flexible electronic product supports the play of customized screen, and the display content can be changed in real time through the mobile APP. With ultra-high resolution, the color is rich and gorgeous, creating a perfect experience of "fashion + technology". No matter where you go, this satchel is absolutely the most dazzling focus of the crowd, instantly incarnate the most in street fashion.


Future intelligent transportation - flexible electronic arc vehicle central control


In the future layout of 5G business plan, smart transportation is obviously the general trend. Many manufacturers are exploring and arranging the layout of autonomous driving. What kind of innovation and imagination can smart transportation have?


As one of the independent core technologies of ruyu, flexible sensor is applied in the new generation of automotive innovation technology. A transparent flexible sensor can bring better sensing performance, and at the same time, it creates flexible characteristics for intelligent transportation with the advantages of light, thin and flexible, showing the unique charm of flexible electronic technology.



There is no extra physical button in the whole screen of the central control of this car. By using the built-in powerful flexible sensor to replace the previous mechanical buttons, it achieves rapid and accurate touch control. In addition, it can also meet the personalized customization of different users, and realize the human-computer interaction design, suspension control, 3D pressure touch, tactile feedback, biometric recognition and other advanced functions of future intelligent cars, showing a full sense of technology.


Smart home - flexible smart speaker


Based on flexible display and flexible sensing technology independently developed by ruyu, flexible display screen is installed on the speaker, which can realize multi-angle and multi-azimuth surround display and touch control, and satisfy users' multi-angle use scenarios and browsing information. The application of flexible electronic technology enables the smart home to better serve the life of users and create a good and high-quality user experience.



In addition to the above hot flexible electronic products, ruoyu exhibition area also shows a number of very futuristic technology sense of products, handwritten artifact "soft record" special version appeared in MWC, the appearance design and function have been upgraded, the use of new magnetic design, leather cases and handwritten book can be flexibly assembled or disassembled, convenient to carry.


In addition, a smart selfie stick with beauty magic, based on the flexible sensor brings a new interesting selfie experience, and friends and relatives enjoy a happy gathering time. A transparent smart flexible keyboard is also dazzling. The flexible sensor can be bent to bring better convenience for mobile office. The soft and light keyboard can also achieve the touch control function faster and more accurately.


As the mainstream display platform of future science and technology, ruoyu science and technology presents a series of flexible electronic black technology products to the global audience, which also brings different technological charm to MWC 2019. Based on flexible displays, and the core of soft sensor technology, soft technology, will be "flexible +" as a platform technology, widely used in consumer electronics, intelligent transportation, intelligent household, sports fashion, the education office, robots and other industries, for the future life bring more application scenarios, such as the new man-machine interaction experience, artificial intelligence technology, all the new patterns, etc., are looking forward to the soft technology, for the user to bring more innovation and surprise.


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