Will The Use Of PVD Technology In Iphone X Gray Drive The Rapid Development Of PVD Industry?

- Jun 08, 2018-

The use of PVD technology in the iphone X gray pushes the decorative PVD market into a new and rapid development space. The last time that PVD decorative coating market exploded was about 10 years ago, when the NOKIA mobile phone dominated the world, and its classics products in later period all used PVD technology. As NOKIA guided the current trend at that time, the PVD market was also brought into a hot stage. With the decline of the NOKIA market, the PVD market is also in a tepid state. The high-end decorative market only leaves the watch markets alone, the market of the mobile phone rear cover has plummeted.


These years, the 3C decorative PVD market has always been limited to gadgets like smart phones on some mobile phones. But here are no large-scale adoptions for large parts such as middle frame of iphone X. The reasons are as below:.


1. It adopting aluminum plus anodizing process before, and the CNC machining is simple with low production costs and rich anode color. The color system of PVD coating is relatively limited.


2. The middle frame of smart phone requires integrated plastics to meet the requirements of mobile phone signal transmission, which brings difficulties to PVD processing. The voltage applied to the workpiece can easily cause ablation of the plastic and metal locations of the product. The gap between plastic and metal is also difficult to clean. These factors lead to very low production yield rate. Although stainless steel middle frame of MIUIi 4 tried to use PVD technology, but due to the low production yield rate and high cost, it was just applied to limited edition.


The successful mass production of iphone X stainless steel with PVD technology process indicates that the stainless steel with plastic middle frame PVD technology solution has matured, which adding more options to the mobile phone manufacturers' surface treatment solutions.