Why Should The Primer Be UV Sprayed Before Vacuum Coating Of Plastic Substrate

- Apr 01, 2021-

Why should the primer be UV sprayed before vacuum coating of plastic substrate

1, increase the adhesion of the coating and the plastic substrate surface
The primer UV coating has good adhesion to the plastic substrate.
The active diluent in the primer UV coating has a strong ability to erode the plastic substrate. The active diluent will slightly swell or soften the plastic substrate. After curing, the coating forms an interpenetration network between the primer UV and the substrate interface, which can improve the adhesion of the entire coating layer.
If the vacuum coating is directly carried out on the surface of the plastic substrate, and not the primer UV spraying, because the metal coating layer lacks the erosive force of the plastic substrate, it will lead to the adhesion of the coating layer and the plastic substrate.


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