Why Does The Vacuum Coating Product Drop The Film?

- Mar 02, 2019-

Why does the vacuum coating product drop the film?


Who will not eat enough to stay idle, and the product coating. To the product coating, is in order to make the product can be better used, such as our car coating, is in order to make the car oxidation, anti-aging effect; Lens coating is to make the lens more wear - resistant, anti - oil, anti - radiation, blue light and other functions.



Engaged in vacuum coating, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of coating product film falling off, is improper operation or what other reasons caused by the film falling off?


Primer coat not fully solidify

The curing time of the primer shall be prolonged


Oil remove of substrate is incomplete

Pretreatment should be strengthened


Inside of chamber is unclean

The vacuum chamber should be cleaned. It is worth noting that in the process of installing and removing the target, it is strictly prohibited to contact the magnetron source with hands or unclean objects to ensure the high cleanliness of the magnetron source.


The fixture/clamp is not clean

Fixtures should be cleaned


Improper selection of base coating

Paint should be replaced


Improper control of process conditions

The technological conditions should be improved


In addition, the film is too thick also easy to fall off. In the case of a metal substrate, heating the substrate can improve the shedding.


If the whole process is normal, the coating film out of the product is easy to drop down. If this is the case, the problem is likely to be on the material, so it is important to choose the right target material quality.


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