What Is The Requirement Of Vacuum Coating Machine For Welding?

- Apr 13, 2019-

What is the requirement of vacuum coating machine for welding?


1: when designing the structure of welding seam, the joint must be thoroughly welded, and the harmful space where dirt accumulates should be avoided. The correct welding is to put the welding seam on the vacuum side and conduct deep fusion welding. Most of the incorrect welding will form dead space, that is, some space between the two welding seams will be blocked and there will be gas stored in it.


2: the welding seam should be welded in one time to avoid the dead space caused by two times of welding without leak detection.

3: when the welding seam needs to be welded on both sides due to the strength, the internal welding seam shall not leak. For the sake of leak detection, a drilling plug shall be set during the external welding.

4: if structural welding is required in the container, the internal welds shall not be continuous so that gas from any groove can be easily released, and the structural welds shall not cross with the sealing welds.

5: the welding assembly shall be designed so that a large number of welds can be tested separately during the manufacturing phase and can be rectified prior to the final assembly.

6: the large allowable leakage rate (for air) of the welding seal, about 10-7pa · in the length of the weld; The m3 (s· M). If the leakage rate is relatively high, the weld should be worn off, until the exposed base material, and then re-welding, remember not to have two welding in the original leak place, because the welding is not easy to plug the leakage hole, but easy to produce stress so that new cracks in the weld.


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