How to select a PVD vacuum coating machine

- Sep 11, 2018-

Requirement Specifications Survey listPVD Coating Machine
*mark is required to filled in
*Company Name

*Did you have   any purchasing or operating experience about PVD vacuum coating machine at   before?
*Existing   equipment quantity,place of original,brand.
*The parameter   of existing equipment(attached list is ok)
*Voltage and   frequency of state grid
*Products who   requires coating&Material&Temperature   of temperingtool and   die steels
*The   size of main product
*The purpose of coatingdecorative/to achieve function
*Loading   capacity requirment(per furnace)
*Coating film thickness requirment
*The   application environment of your product
*Coating film hardness requirment
*Inspection   standard of film layerdetailed  
*Coating film color requirment
Other   requirment details:

※For confirm the machine models of your requirment as soon,kindly supply above information please.

Thank you for your cooperation!