What Devices Are Used To Make A Gradient?

- Oct 29, 2018-

What devices are used to make a gradient?


There are various technologies to achieve the effect of gradient discoloration, and the mainstream ones include PVD coating, printing and spraying, etc. The trend of gradient discoloration is popular in 2018, and the prosperity of the market will inevitably promote the development of the supply chain. It is understood that the equipment in the industrial chain of gradual change is selling well at present, so what equipment should be used for the process of gradual change?

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1.Vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating machine mainly refers to a kind of coating that needs to be done at a higher vacuum, which includes many kinds, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering and so on. The main idea is divided into evaporation and sputtering.


However, the general magnetron sputtering coating equipment used in the process of gradient process is that PVD vacuum progressive coating is used in the gradient process of many mobile phones such as huawei and lenovo at present.

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Magnetron sputtering is a type of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). The general sputtering method can be used to prepare metal, semiconductor, insulator and other materials, and has the advantages of simple equipment, easy control, large coating area and strong adhesion, etc. The magnetron sputtering developed in the 1970s has realized high speed, low temperature and low damage. Because high - speed sputtering at low pressure, the gas ionization rate must be increased effectively. Magnetron sputtering increases plasma density and sputtering rate by introducing a magnetic field on the surface of the target cathode.

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Vacuum magnetron sputtering coating equipment is under the condition of vacuum coating use most of the current products of a device, a complete vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machine is made up of many parts of the system, each system can complete different function, so as to realize the high quality of the final coating, magnetron sputtering coating its components including the vacuum chamber, mechanical pump, vacuum test system, oil diffusion pump, vacuum system, the cooling pump and film control system and so on.


The main body of the magnetron sputtering vacuum coater is a vacuum chamber, the size of which is determined by the processing products. The size of the magnetron sputtering coating can be customized. The magnetron sputtering coating vacuum chamber has many connection valves for connecting various auxiliary pumps.

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Magnetron sputtering film forming control system can be used in different ways, such as fixed plating time, visual monitoring, acme monitoring and crystal shock monitoring. Vacuum coater and vacuum coater equipment can be used in various processes, such as ion evaporation and magnetron sputtering. Magnetron sputtering method coating film, adhesion strong, high purity film layer, can simultaneously sputtering a variety of different components of the material.


2. Transfer printing equipment


The whole process includes UV transfer, PVD coating, color band transfer and screen cover bottom, etc. The decisive process is color band transfer. The Deco film color is the color band transferred to PET film by thermal transfer, and then glued to the glass cover plate.The equipment used for color band transfer is the transfer machine.It is understood that the oppo R15 discoloration is using a transfer printer exclusively supplied by a Japanese company.


3. Anodizing equipment


Anodic oxidation refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metal or alloy, which is the process of aluminum and its alloy forming an oxidation film on the aluminum product (anode) due to the action of external current under corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. Protect and decorate the metal shell. At present, it is one of the mainstream technology of metal surface treatment, and it is widely used in mobile phone metal shell. However, as the metal back cover gradually disappeared, it was widely used in the aluminum frame.

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The process of anodizing can also be used for gradient discoloration. The most typical example is the vivo X20 fantasy powder edition and OPPO R11 king glory edition released on September 21, 2017.


Anodizing equipment line could divide into manual line, semi-automatic line, automatic line. Choice by weight, length, output. Complete equipment composition: crane, tank, support, peripheral equipment, electronic control, etc


Features of anodizing equipment:

(1) high output: anodized aluminum or aluminum alloy can work continuously from pre-treatment to oxidation.

(2) good weather resistance: the use of different products in the process of oxidation, the oxide film thickness and density to determine, such as: anodized aluminum plate indoor use long-term color, corrosion, oxidation, rust, and so on. Anodic alumina products with film thickness of more than 10um can be used outdoors and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discoloring.

(3) strong metal sense: anodized aluminum plate has high surface hardness, good scratch resistance and beautiful surface. It retains the metallic color of aluminum products (changes color), highlights the modern metal sense, and improves product grade and added value.

(4) high fire-resistance: pure metal products, no paint on the surface and any chemical substances, do not burn at a high temperature of 600 degrees, do not produce toxic gases, meet the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection.

(5) strong anti-pollution: no fingerprints, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.


4.Spraying equipment


Current gradient coating do one of the most common example of this is in the auto industry, such as the recent BMW launched the gradients of automobile i3 and i8 Starlight special edition models, golden and black body adopted gradient type spraying process, by the excessive to the rear of the car parts of the gold to black, 24 k gold and inside the car paint fusion, repeated 4 times coating process.

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In addition to cars, mobile phone cases are painted to create a gradient.

Spray equipment is a product of the development of industrial technology automation in an increasingly common environment. With the increasing degree of automation, the application of spraying production line is more and more extensive, and it goes deep into many fields of national economy. Spraying equipment on the market can be divided into three types according to the degree of automation: manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment.


5. Screen printing equipment


Generally monochrome gradient will use the screen printing process, the screen printing press is a screen printing plate printing machine, belongs to a printing press. Screen printing machine is a machine for printing words and images. It is the general name of the machine or equipment used to produce printed materials. Silk screen printing machine belongs to the representative printing equipment in the porthole printing machine. Can be divided into ,plane screen printing machine, surface screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine.


6.Dyeing installation


Coloring is the process of coloring a substance by chemical or other means. With the permission of technology, through dyeing, objects can present all kinds of colors that people need and decorate their lives with colorful colors. The method of dyeing has existed since ancient times and has been developing continuously.

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Dyeing process is a traditional and ancient industry, which can be used in gradually changing color. It is commonly used in textile and other fields. At present, it is also useful in the field of mobile phones (cover plate and protective cover).


7. 3D printing equipment


The 3D printer, also known as the 3D printer (3DP), is a kind of machine with accumulative manufacturing technology, namely rapid forming technology. It is a kind of digital model file based, which USES the special wax, powder metal or plastic and other bindable materials to make three-dimensional objects by printing layers of adhesive materials. 3d printers are now used to make products.

The biggest difference between a 3D printer and a traditional one is that the "ink" it USES is a solid raw material, stacked in thin layers that can be printed on a variety of media, from a wide range of plastics to metals, ceramics and rubber. Now you can also do a gradient.


8. Laser equipment


Laser processing, also known as laser processing. It is the process of irradiating the material surface with a high-energy density beam, which makes the material vaporize or change color. It is understood that laser processing can achieve the gradient effect, but the efficiency is relatively low, and only in stainless steel.

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