What Are The Films And Coating?

- Sep 19, 2018-

What are the films and coating

Definition: The film/coating is obtained by special methods (IKS PVD vacuum coating equipment can do that).A two-dimensional materials depends on the substrate’s support,and it’s different with the substrate’s structure and performance.

Films:thickness<1µm,like Photoelectric functional film,etc.

Coating:thickness1µm,like PVD hard coating,protective coating,etc.

Film and Coating’s Characteristic:

1)Thickness:nm(Nanometer), μm( micron),mm( millimeter)

2)Support by substrate(not exist alone)

3)Specialized structure and performance(different with the substrate)

4)Specialized formed way,IKS PVD vacuum machine,coating on what you need.

Application:Optical films, Microelectronic films, Photoelectron thin films,Integrated Circuit films,Protection function films.


1)By material type: Metals, alloys, ceramics, semiconductors, compounds, macromolecular films, etc

2)By crystal structure type: Single crystal, polycrystalline, nano-crystalline, amorphous

3)By thickness type: Nanometer film, micron film and thick film

4)By film formed structure type: Multilayer film, gradient film, composite film.

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