Ways To Reduce Dust In Vacuum Coating

- Jun 13, 2018-


A layer of dust on the vacuum coating surface will affect the overall effect of the vacuum coating. How to reduce the dust in vacuum coating film?


1. The source material used must meet the necessary purity requirements.


2. The environment where the sample placed after coating should be very clean.


3. After continuous coating processes, the vacuum chamber should be cleaned.


4. The cleaning of the substrate material should be in strict accordance with the process requirements.


5. Operators should have special working clothes, they should wear gloves, foot strap when operating the machine.


6. Appropriately increasing the humidity of the environment will help to reduce suspended solid particles in the surrounding environment.


7. The upper limit of the maximum particle size and the number of particulate matter per unit area that are technically expressly allowed should be clear.


8. Keep low mobility of the indoor air, and keep the ground clean. If the ground is exposed concrete, it needs to be covered. Walls and roofs cannot be painted with ordinary gray paint.