Vivo Recently Released A New Color Matching Impression Of Summer, On The Process And Coating Industry Pain Point

- Jul 17, 2019-

Vivo recently released a new color matching "impression of summer", on the process and coating industry pain point




Hot summer has come, amid, Vivo X27 new color summer "impression", it is a latest iridescence series mobile phone, was inspired by the French famous painter Monet classic painting "impression, sunrise", bright pink and blue gradient design collocation, with smooth shadow irregular change, like a seaside holiday, give a person a kind of cool and refreshing feeling.


It is understood that the mobile phone gradient process is still a gradual coating, today we will understand in detail this three-dimensional (touch, color, light sense) gradient technology and current coating industry pain point problem.


1. Analysis of new color matching process

The new color scheme of Vivo X27 can be said to take the gradient to another level, which cannot be separated from its process. It is reported, this kind of mobile phone in coating and composite technology upgrade: with nanoscale multilayer gray first carved exposure technology transfer printing mold, then print outlines, using the military use of low temperature plasma magnetron sputtering plating coating technology of powder blue gradient, with glass cover material and texture design, achieve the machine fully natural, combined with changes in the light, can produce flow phantom halo color.


In the aspect of the surface treatment of the rear cover, the crossover application of the low-temperature plasma coating technology in the field of military industry and aviation has to be a highlight. Low-temperature plasma has a higher temperature and energy density, which can make the material easy to deposit and form a film without damaging the substrate. The application of this technology greatly improves the processing accuracy and color control accuracy of rear cover coating based on the original process. The coating thickness increases from 40nm to 400nm and the error is no more than ±5nm.


It is known that compared with the traditional process, the cost of this technology is much higher than the ordinary evaporation machine more than 7 times. At the same time, the release of the new color matching of this mobile phone once again established the position of magnetron sputtering PVD coating in the mainstream application of mobile phone back cover. For high-end texture, 3d (touch, color, light) gradient effect, gradient magnetron sputtering coating is preferred.


2, the current coating industry pain point


At present, the application scheme of surface treatment technology for the back cover of the mobile phone seems to be single (UV transfer + coating + silk printing, etc.), but in fact, the suppliers are constantly innovating and exploring new technologies and materials, hoping to break the homogeneity one day and make different products, forming a technical barrier of their own. For tanner coating process, the current industry pain points are as follows:


In order to break the homogenization, the terminal manufacturer requires the color diversification, the differentiation demand. The uniqueness of color will naturally increase the process difficulty and the cycle of design and development, which is a big challenge for many suppliers.
At present, most excellent coating equipment is mainly imported from abroad. However, due to different applications of coating machines, the procurement lead time is long and the production capacity is low. Domestic equipment is still being developed and improved.
The adhesion and compatibility between film layers has always been a headache for manufacturers. Many consumables enterprises are constantly improving their products, such as film materials, ink, glue and so on.
For consumer electronics, especially mobile phones, technology changes too fast and capacity requirements are too high;
The contradiction between uniformity, consistency and membrane density;
Direct coating will result in reduced glass strength.


How to solve these industrial problems, the industrial chain needs the upstream and downstream enterprises to work together, such as improving the film-forming mode and film thickness control technology, using glow control technology to improve the film-forming efficiency, using solutions to reduce the film stress, developing new magnetron sputtering technology and so on.


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