View The Vacuum Coating Mobile Phone Market From The Rose Gold Coating Of Iphone6s

- Feb 28, 2019-

View the vacuum coating mobile phone market from the rose gold coating of iphone6s


The pink/rose gold iPhone6s will be unveiled alongside the new iOS9 operating system. Although this information has not been confirmed accurately, but long before apple launched the Applewatch with a 18-karat rose gold case at the San Francisco event, I believe this pink/rose gold version of the iPhone6s news is unfounded.


According to the ministry of industry and information technology data report, by the end of march this year, the total number of mobile phone users in China reached 1.29 billion units, so the following from the size of the market is very big, is the production base in China, is also the following from manufacturer, and manufacturer of mobile phone is busy enough, into a batch of following, mobile phone accessories need coating decoration, using the traditional method of water, electric plating coating, there is no doubt that there are still many shortcomings, such as: environmental protection, efficiency, quality, appearance, although some can solve, but there are still a lot to improve.Faced with increasingly serious environmental problems, many enterprises are forced to face technological reform and innovation.Therefore, the technology of coating was updated and vacuum electroplating was adopted.Vacuum plating is a physical deposition phenomenon.In other words, argon is injected in the vacuum state, and the target material based on argon pile is separated into molecules and adsorbed by conductive goods to form a uniform and smooth surface layer.


In general, the vacuum electroplating technology for mobile phone accessories has the following advantages:

 1. The surface is bright: the luminosity of the mobile phone can reach 80 when it is first purchased, and the mobile phone is still shining even if it is stained with dust.

2, eliminate oxidation: with the vacuum coating machine operation, ion comprehensive bombardment covering the surface of accessories, can eliminate the noble goods atmospheric oxidation.

 3, long-term effect: golden flower has a larger surface area, with a stronger adhesion ability, the effect can be maintained for more than a few years, not oxidation, not easy to fall off.

 4, environmental protection without any pollution: because the coating material is in a vacuum environment by plasma deposition on the surface of the workpiece, no solution pollution, so no harm to the environment, absolutely environmental protection.

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