​vacuum Gas Flow Regulating Elements

- Nov 12, 2020-

vacuum gas flow regulating elements in principle, the general manual vacuum regulator, with proper control motor (such as servo motor, stepping motor, etc.) or hydraulic cylinder, by adjusting the control signal of control motor or hydraulic cylinder, the control motor or hydraulic cylinder motion, and transform the flow conductivity of the vacuum valve, then changed the gas flow through the vacuum valve, complete the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber in vacuum device of automatic adjustment. However, at present, there are only three kinds of vacuum gas flow control valves produced by vacuum instrument manufacturers in China: electromagnetic flow control valve, mass flowmeter valve and piezoelectric flow control valve, and domestic pressure control devices mostly choose piezoelectric valve as vacuum gas flow control element. Piezoelectric valve is a vacuum gas flow control valve made of piezoelectric effect. The core of the piezoelectric valve is a piezoelectric diaphragm made of piezoelectric ceramics. When a control voltage is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic membrane, it produces a deformation proportional to the value of the applied voltage. At the same time, drive the gasket to move. Then the flow guide of the piezoelectric valve changes, thus changing the flow of gas through the piezoelectric valve. When the control voltage is not applied to the piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm, the mechanical force of the spring ACTS on the piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm and sealing gasket, so that the piezoelectric valve air path is closed. Thus, the flow of gas through the piezoelectric valve can be changed by changing the size of the control voltage applied on the piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm. Thus, the vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum device can be adjusted.


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