Vacuum Equipment Vacuum Gauge Classification And Application

- Nov 10, 2020-

Vacuum equipment vacuum gauge classification and application

In the automatic control of vacuum device of vacuum coating equipment, vacuum measurement is often required. Due to the wide variety of vacuum devices and different working pressure ranges, vacuum measurement in various vacuum areas from 105Pa to 10-5pa can be encountered. The commonly used vacuum gauges include resistance vacuum gauge, thermocouple vacuum gauge, capacitance thin film vacuum gauge, ionization vacuum gauge, ultra-high vacuum gauge, etc. In order to expand the functions of the vacuum gauge, the vacuum instrument manufacturer also produces such functional modules as remote control and telemetry, analog output, RS-232C communication interface and pressure regulation for users to choose and match. Therefore, the distribution of a complete vacuum gauge, not only to the measurement of vacuum degree, the digital display, automatic range switching, error correction, but also the pressure set point signal control to control the pressure, pressure automatically adjusts according to set pressure value, also measured values can be printed out, contact and communicate with PC, can even to vacuum measurement and control at a distance. 1. Pressure control instrument in industrial production and scientific experiments, it is often expected that the vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber of vacuum device can be maintained at a given value according to the requirements of vacuum technology. This requirement can usually be completed by manually adjusting the vacuum fine tuning valve, if you want to automatically complete the pressure adjustment, it is necessary to use the pressure control instrument to complete. Pressure control instrument is usually composed of vacuum measuring unit (vacuum gauge), automatic pressure regulating circuit and vacuum regulating valve. It is an automatic control instrument integrating vacuum measurement and pressure regulation. Domestic pressure control instrument mainly HY, ZDC, SYK, DL, ZZK and other products. The main technical indexes of the pressure control instrument are pressure control range, control precision, flow control range, reaction time, etc. It depends on the performance of vacuum regulator, control circuit and vacuum regulator. The pressure controller is widely used in the fields of ion implantation, ion beam etching, vacuum coating, laser technology and semiconductor materials.

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