Vacuum Equipment Maintenance Knowledge Popularization - Vacuum Equipment Not Bad Not Repair?

- Mar 14, 2019-

Vacuum equipment maintenance knowledge popularization - vacuum equipment not bad not repair?


Preventive maintenance refers to the maintenance method of confirming the status of equipment in advance according to the operation cycle and use frequency of equipment.


There are two specific modes of preventive maintenance. One is regular preventive maintenance, which is to stop maintenance according to the schedule of vacuum equipment consumption cycle. The second is state maintenance, which is to monitor the state of the equipment, find fault hidden dangers or potential faults, timely arrange timely maintenance, the fault will be eliminated in the bud.


Another form of preventive maintenance is opportunistic maintenance. That is to use the production off-season, holidays, weekends or upstream and downstream downtime maintenance opportunities for preventive maintenance. Opportunity maintenance "opportunity" can be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle, can also be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle, after the demonstration, this extension or shortening will not cause major damage to the equipment. Such preventive maintenance is also called opportunity maintenance. No matter what kind of preventive maintenance method is adopted, it is to deal with equipment failure before shutdown, in order to avoid the occurrence of failure.


What's so good about preventive maintenance? Let's discuss it specifically:


1. Unplanned downtime can be reduced and avoided


Nowadays, most enterprises organize production according to orders, and customers have strict requirements on delivery time. In lean production enterprises, just-in-time and zero inventory are typical characteristics. Once the vacuum equipment is shut down because of the equipment, it will inevitably affect a production process, this order will be affected, which will have a great harm to the enterprise benefit, reputation. Through preventive maintenance, to avoid a large number of unplanned downtime, to ensure on-time delivery, its significance.


2. It can reduce the chain damage of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment


Equipment damage often starts from a part or a part, and this part or part affects other parts or parts, which are transferred step by step, and finally lead to big problems. Therefore, the qualitative change and damage of a certain part of the vacuum equipment will not only cause the failure of the vacuum equipment system, but also transfer to the equipment in the application link. Therefore, preventive maintenance can reduce or avoid minor damage, or eliminate small hidden dangers in time, so as to avoid the impact of expansion, and eventually lead to more serious failure damage.


3. It can reduce the maintenance cost


Of course, improper "preventive maintenance" will not only not reduce costs, but also increase costs, we call it maintenance redundancy or maintenance surplus. By this we mean that proper preventive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs. In general, planned work is three to four times as efficient as unplanned work. Preventive maintenance because of its planning, can study the repair plan in advance, ready to drawings, tools, spars and other auxiliary facilities materials, ready to spare parts. Once disassembled, the maintenance can be completed efficiently. On the other hand, if it is later maintenance, people in all of a sudden stop in a hurry diagnosis reason, looking for tools, spare parts and materials, the real maintenance need half a day, and that the preparation can be a day and a half to two days, time reduced, the efficiency of natural increase the maintenance cost, and later maintenance may cause the chain is damaged, change a loss also increases, more large maintenance cost.

However, some non-standard agents, using their own advantages, deliberately improve the frequency of "preventive maintenance", increasing the maintenance cost burden of users.


4. It can reduce the risk of safety accidents


Preventive maintenance can eliminate partial, minor or incipient defects of equipment, which alone can reduce the risk of safety accidents. Some serious failures of vacuum equipment could have been avoided, but there was no chance of preventive maintenance, which led to a higher and higher degree of fault risk and eventually led to greater consequences. The light is locked, the bearing bending, heavy is destroyed.


5. Avoid and reduce batch quality defects or scrap


Many equipment in the process of failure, will cause a large number of quality defects or scrap. If the oil content of vacuum equipment is unqualified, food and electronic products will be scrapped... There are many examples of this. Therefore, to some extent, preventive maintenance can reduce or avoid the batch quality deterioration or scrapping during failure, and reduce the economic loss caused by failure -- scrapping.


6. Can make work more active, planned and predictable


Opportunity maintenance in preventive maintenance can make the plant's production plan, work schedule and resource allocation more reasonable, more planned, and more active. Some factories implement night maintenance, weekend maintenance, end of the month maintenance, is the opportunity to use the production task to complete the clearance maintenance. Many steel mills implement synchronous maintenance is also the use of upstream and downstream downtime opportunities for maintenance; Beverage, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning production enterprises in the summer production task is tight, winter is relatively light, can be arranged in winter as far as possible to prevent maintenance; Cigarette industry in winter task is tight, a little easier in summer, can the opportunity to arrange maintenance in midsummer. When the maintenance task of the enterprise is tight, the maintenance gap can be properly adjusted, so as to effectively use the maintenance manpower and facilities resources. In a word, opportunistic preventive maintenance can make the work plan more flexible.


7. Reduce the risk of environmental damage


As well as reducing safety injuries, preventive maintenance can effectively reduce the risk of environmental damage. Equipment, especially involving toxic gas, liquid equipment leakage will cause environmental damage; Noise from equipment can also pollute the environment. The internal water treatment and air purification equipment are directly related to the impact on the discharge environment.


8. It is conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction


Poor operation of equipment often increases friction and energy consumption. Preventive maintenance can ensure the smooth and smooth operation of equipment and facilities, effectively reduce energy consumption, and maintain the energy-saving effect of equipment.

Some users purchase highly efficient and energy-saving equipment, but after running for a year or two, the equipment is not energy-saving, in fact, unreasonable maintenance is a very important factor.


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