Vacuum Coating Product Cleaning

- Sep 09, 2020-

Vacuum coating product cleaning

In place in the early cleaning work can reduce a lot of trouble, to avoid the occurrence of many small problems, to work efficiency, the vacuum coating machine coating quality has a very positive role. It can greatly improve the working stability of all the wall and other components in the vacuum system under various working conditions. The purpose of cleaning these pollutants is to improve the working stability of the vacuum coating machine, so that the work can be carried out more smoothly.

Protection measures should be taken to minimize the contact between the product and dust and water in the air, which will cause secondary pollution. In the process of processing products, hand socks should be worn throughout the whole process to prevent fingerprints and sweat stains, and the products should be placed in a dry and dust-free enclosed environment before waiting to be put into the furnace, so as to ensure the product is always clean.


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