Vacuum Coating Procedures

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. When the vacuum coating machine operates normally, when the vacuum coating machine is started, the water pipe must be opened first, and the water pressure should be paid attention to in the work.

2. In ion bombardment and evaporation, should pay special attention to high-voltage wire connector, not touch, in order to prevent electric shock.

3. When coating with electron gun, the aluminum plate should be outside the bell cover. Glass lead glass for observation window should be put on glass glasses in order to prevent X ray from damaging human body.

4. The installation of multilayer dielectric film coating room, should be installed ventilation dust suction device, timely removal of harmful dust.

5. Flammable and toxic substances should be properly kept in order to prevent fire poisoning.

6. Pickling fixture should be carried out in the ventilation device, and wear rubber gloves.

7. Parts into the pickling or alkali washing bath, should be gently, no collision and spill. The pickling tank should be covered at ordinary times.

8. The work should be completed, power cut, water cut.