Vacuum Coating Equipment On The Environment Requirements

- Nov 08, 2017-

Generally includes the vacuum equipment to the laboratory (or workshop) the temperature, the particles in the air and other surrounding environment, and in the vacuum or vacuum parts or surface requirements in two aspects. These two aspects are closely related. The quality of the surrounding environment directly affects the normal use of vacuum equipment; and whether the vacuum chamber of the vacuum equipment or the parts inside are cleaned, which directly affects the performance of the equipment.

If the air contains a large amount of water vapor and dust, it is difficult to achieve the desired vacuum when the vacuum chamber is not cleaned and the mechanical pump is pumped by the oil seal. The oil sealed mechanical pump is not suitable to remove the corrosive gas which is corrosive to the metal and react with the vacuum oil to contain particles of dust gas. Water vapor is condensable gas, when a large number of condensable gas is removed, the pollution of the pump oil will be more serious, resulting in the limit vacuum of the pump to drop, and destroy the pumping performance of the pump.

The dust in the industrial environment is to distinguish the powder dust, eyes, untitled. A powder is a collection or dispersion of powder or solid particles. Powder is a collection of tiny solid particles, and particles are tiny substances that can count one by one.

A smoke body is a material system in which the particles of solid or liquid are floating in the gas. Material, whether solid or liquid, usually in granular state can be collectively referred to as dust particles. To determine the air cleanliness standard to dust particle diameter, to customize cleanroom level. It is not only suitable for industrial departments with clean requirements, but also suitable for vacuum cleaning environment.