Vacuum Coating Equipment On The Bottom Coating Requirements

- Nov 08, 2017-

Decorative vacuum plating coating is generally divided into two kinds of base coating and surface coating, which mainly improve the adhesion of the film, reduce the roughness of the surface of the plating parts, improve the brightness, and protect the role of the metal film. Today, let's see what vacuum coating equipment has to do with the bottom coating.

1. It has good contact property and high adhesion to the coating and coating layer, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, no reaction, leveling performance is good.

2. It has good vacuum performance. The cured coating has less outgassing, less thermal stress and better heat resistance.

3. The film has good properties, such as density, covering ability, solvent resistance and light resistance.

4. It has good compatibility with the surface coating. Because the coating is extremely thin and porous, the solvent and diluent of the base coat and the surface coating require good phase solubility.

5. The coating performance is good. It has good leveling performance, suitable viscosity and short curing time.