Vacuum Coating Equipment Maintenance Points After A Long Run

- Nov 08, 2017-

If the vacuum coating equipment is continuously used for more than 6 months, the pumping speed of the vacuum coating equipment will obviously slow down, how to maintain it? This article mainly talks about the main points of vacuum coating equipment after long time operation.

First of all, we must remove the connecting pipe into the atmosphere, will a nozzle screw up, then the gasoline pump cavity and the pump liner cleaning, then use the washing powder against water washed again, until the water evaporates dry after the pump installed liner, pump oil to add new diffusion and filled back to the new weight boot. It should pay special attention to these coating equipment work in reboot, the first observation of the diffusion pump part is up to 6*10PA, or need to leak. Check the connection is sealed, or crush seal ring. If the gas leakage is eliminated, the heater can be heated, otherwise, the diffusion pump oil will burn out, resulting in the failure to enter the working state.

When the vacuum coating equipment pumps continuously for a month, we need to replace the new oil, pump the old oil completely discharged, and then add a new pump oil to a certain amount. Continuous use for more than half a year, and then vacuum pump oil should open the oil cover, wipe the dirt with a cloth. Vacuum coating equipment manufacturers to check the leak situation is to ensure vacuum coating equipment vacuum inspection measures, the degree of vacuum is directly affect the coating effect, so leak detection is essential.

General vacuum chamber leakage is generated from the wall before the small hole on the link position or parts of a crack in the ventilation system, when pumping the vacuum chamber pressure drops, internal and external pressure of the gas from the vacuum chamber pressure high external flow the low pressure, caused by vacuum reduction. It is very important to do well the leak detection for vacuum coating equipment. There are many reasons for the decrease of vacuum degree. Therefore, the effect of stabilizing coating should be solved.