Vacuum Coating Equipment Virtual leak And Leakage Hole

- Nov 05, 2018-

Vacuum coating equipment  Virtual leak and leakage hole


1. Virtual leak:

The leakage is due to the improper design or manufacturing process, forming a hole in the vacuum coating equipment to store the gas source. These gases are slowly released in the vacuum environment, which is similar to the leakage, short for the leakage.

For example, the fastening screws in the vacuum coating equipment have no air holes, the cross design of welding seams and the incomplete welding with holes are all causing the leakage phenomenon.


2. Leakage hole:

The leakage hole is a small leakage hole of micron size in the electrical vacuum device of the vacuum coating equipment. The dust or liquid in the air can easily cause the blockage of the leakage hole. Even if you repair it at that time, it is temporary.

Therefore, in order to check, it is necessary to carefully handle the leak detection part, and try to touch the detected area with no hands, so as to avoid dust or grease from blocking the leak hole.

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