Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Dec 16, 2017-

1. Building hardware: bathroom hardware (such as water tap). Door lock. Bathroom, door lock, hardware, furniture, etc

Magnetic control coating equipment + plating product picture

Magnetic control coating equipment + plating product picture

2. Watchmaking: it can be used in the case of the case. The coating of the band and the crystal products

3. Other hardware: leather hardware, stainless steel tableware, eyeglass frames, tools, dies, etc.

4. Large workpiece: wheel hub, stainless steel plate, signboard, sculpture, etc

5. Stainless steel tubes and plates (various types of surfaces)

6. Furniture, lamps and lanterns, hotel appliances

7. The hardware products such as lock, handle, bathroom hardware, golf ball head, stainless steel tableware, and blood, etc.

8. Watches, watchbands, eyeglasses, jewelry and other decorations are plated with ultra-wear-resistant decoration (gold and silver) nanomaterials and nanomaterials and nanomaterials