Typical Type Of Vacuum System

- Jun 30, 2018-

The system that used to meet certain process requirements, capable of obtaining and measuring the specific required vacuum is called vacuum system. A more complete vacuum system consists of vacuum chamber, required vacuum pump or vacuum unit, vacuum measurement device, connection conduit, vacuum valve, trap and other vacuum components and electrical control system. Typical vacuum system is shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2.



1. Vacuum chamber bleed valve 2. Ionization vacuum gauge  3. Thermocouple vacuum gauge 4. Flow regulating valve

5. High vacuum valve 6. Diffusion pump 7. Gas storage tank 

8. Thermocouple gauge (measures diffusion pump pre-stage pressure) 9. Backing valve 10. Pressure sensor

11. Pre-pumping valve 12. Roots vacuum pump 13. By-pass valve 14. Electromagnetic bleed valve

15. Mechanical vacuum pump

Fig.1 Schematic diagram of a typical vacuum system



1. Vacuum chamber 2. Ionization vacuum gauge 3. Thermocouple vacuum gauge 4. Deflation valve 

5. High vacuum valve 6. Cold trap 7. Diffusion pump 8. Backing valve 9. Electromagnetic bleed valve

10. Mechanical vacuum pump 11 Pre-pumping valve


Fig.2 Schematic diagram of a typical vacuum system