Tungsten PVD Coating Color Recipe

- Jan 15, 2021-

Tungsten PVD coating color recipe:

Tungsten + Nitrogen: Brownish yellow

Tungsten + methane: dark and light black

Tungsten + oxygen: purple, bright yellow, brown, blue

The above are only the commonly used materials and gases for decorative films. Generally, methane and acetylene can be substituted for each other, but methane with some colors is more effective. In addition to the above commonly used materials,

Metal targets include nickel, aluminum, tantalum, hafnium, manganese, copper, zinc, indium, tin, etc., which are all used in coating. Multi-quality targets such as titanium aluminum, chromium aluminum, titanium zirconium, copper manganese, nickel chromium, silicon aluminum, vanadium rhenium, tungsten molybdenum and so on.


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