Tribological And Decorative Coating

- Sep 17, 2018-

Tribological coatings protect tooling and engine parts from wear and friction. Decorative coatings shield components from wear and corrosion and provide aesthetic value. IKS offers a complete PVD vacuum machine and target materials to support these coating applications with a wide range of metallic or ceramic sputter targets, in planar or rotatable format.


For example:

ZYPL1011 special tribology coating machine for tools is a newly developed physical vapor deposition (PVD) vacuum coating equipment.

This machine can be equipped with four plane arcs at most to deposit monolayer film or multi-layer (Nano) film.

As a special coating machine for tools, ZYPL1011 meets all kinds of tools coating requirements, such as cutting tools, drills, punch press tooling and so on. Through the improvement of the surface of the work-piece in terms of physics, chemistry, mechanics, color, etc., the wear-resistant, super-hard, self-lubricating effect is achieved.


Tools, cutting tools, drills, milling cutters, hobbing cutters, blades, high-grade molds, precision parts, etc


ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine is mainly used for depositing metal film, semiconductor film, insulating film, hard film, heat resistant film, corrosion-resistant film, superconducting film, magnetic film, optical film and other special film on the substrate. It has advantages of both ion plating and magnetron sputtering, and the coating layer is very smooth with uniform color, good brightness and strong adhesion. So, ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine is very suitable for depositing high quality decorative film on watch straps and dials.


If you want to customize a PVD coating machine,kindly contact with us please.