TIxOy Film: Blue, Purple, Colorful

- Dec 08, 2018-

TIxOy film: Blue, purple, colorful


TIxOy film belongs to optical film, unconventional film, simple technology. Multi-arc ion plating, medium frequency magnetron sputtering and dc sputtering are commonly used in the preparation of metal decoration films.


Titanium oxide changes with the change of color time, and the gradient changes from the outside to the inside. The color changes have obvious regularity as follows:

yellow, red, blue, white,

yellow, red,blue, green,

yellow, red, yellow,

 yellow, red, green


Color changes color cycles, from deep to light. Different from other conventional membranes, TIxOy membrane not only understands LAB's conventional three-value color matching, but also understands CH value.


L value: usually said brightness, that is, brightness, also known as black and white

A value: red and green

 B value: yellow and blue

C value: color saturation

H value: hue Angle

Since we are exposed to optical information, we need to know the complementary colors beyond the CH value and AB value, namely cyan and magenta, which are not introduced much.

Blend through the colors of the seven colors, purple and blue is simple, from the color changes needed in the screenshot of the seven colors.

In the process of preparing TIxOy film with intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering, after yellow, red, blue and white, the film layer cannot continue to change only in the primary yellow during the second color change process. Therefore, it is very difficult to prepare the second color blue. If there is a need, please consult IKS PVD,iks.pvd@foxmail.com.