The Principle Of Choosing Vacuum Gauge

- Jul 02, 2018-

Various vacuum gauges have problems of one kind or another, and they are quite complex with respect to the applicable pressure range. Choosing a vacuum gauge requires considerable knowledge and can be considered in the following order:


1. The required accuracy within the required pressure area.


2. Will the gas being tested damage the vacuum gauge? Will the vacuum gauge affect the state of the gas being measured?


3. Can it measure the full pressure? Can it be calibrated? Is the sensitivity related to the gas type?


4. How about continuous indication, electrical indication or length of reaction time?


5. How about stability, reproducibility, reliability or longevity?


6. The installation method, operating performance, warranty, management, market conditions, the difficulty of purchasing and specifications of the vacuum gauge.


In addition to considering the above problems, you should also consult the reference books, samples or directly to the manufacturer or supplier.