The Manager Attends 2018 Shenyang Science & Technology Achievement Transformation And Joint Meeting

- May 28, 2018-


In order to accelerate the local transformation of scientific and technological achievements guided by the demand for technological innovation, and establish a collaborative innovation platform for transforming scientific and technological achievements of “mutual supply, demand, and service” cooperation. Today, the meeting for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is holding in Shenyang. The meeting is sponsored by the municipal government, organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the government. The theme of the conference is: "Accelerating transformation of scientific and technological achievements, developing industrial transformation and innovation."


Before the meeting, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau focused on the collection of technical requirements for 1333 high-tech enterprises and dual-cultivated enterprises. After screening, 802 companies have identified 1,302 technical requirements. At the same time, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau recruited 1501 scientific and technological achievements from 100 universities and research institutes, and finally selected 1,239 high-quality scientific and technological achievements through expert evaluation.


During the conference, thousands of technology companies, 100 colleges and universities, 20 investment and financing institutions, 30 intermediary agencies, more than 20 media, 16 industrial parks and representatives of the Shenyang Economic Zone jointly collaborated on scientific and technological achievements to form a multi-agent fusion technology transformation system. At the same time, there are 11 special exhibition areas such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences system, city-college cooperation, and military-civilian integration, and the negotiation will be carried out according to the subject of conversion of each field.


This meeting adopts many operation methods such as combination of online and offline integration, urban linkage, interaction between colleges and universities, and third-party promotion to implement a two-way pre-docking of technical requirements and scientific & technological achievements over a period of 10 days. At present, 1239 scientific and technological achievements information and technology companies, as well as the 1,302 technological demand information and colleges and universities have all achieved interactive pre-connection.