The Main Application Of PVD Coating In Traditional Industries

- Mar 09, 2018-

PVD coating technology plays an important role in the traditional industry. The PVD coating processing base is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, the Wenzhou area of Zhejiang and Northeast Region in China. Many large-scale hardware manufacturers generally have their own PVD coating processing workshop or branch. Besides, foreign PVD coating processing orders and the exporting of own products such as light-fixture, lockset, glasses, lighters, sanitary ware, automobiles, motorcycle accessories, decorative hardware, electrical components and other products are all propose  higher technical requirements for the PVD coating process.

In recent years, the demand for PVD coated aluminum alloy wheel hub has gradually increased in North America and Europe, especially in the United States. Because there are many processes from polishing and grinding till the finished product, and the appearance, corrosion resistance, and bonding force are all requested first-rate, besides, PVD coating pre-treatment agent and brightener for multi-plating are limited in the whole process. So, most customers choose PVD products from famous foreign company in order to earn foreign exchange through exports.

With the joint efforts of PVD coating workers in China, great progress has been achieved in the development and research of PVD coating special chemical materials, various brighteners and additives, PVD coating main equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc. And the technology level of PVD coating has been able to meet the needs of domestic production. In terms of coating performance requirements, with the rising popularity of environmental protection at home and abroad, more environmentally friendly PVD plating will be applied widely.

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