The Latest Vacuum Technology And Application Industry Chain Classification

- Oct 22, 2018-

The latest vacuum technology and application industry chain classification


Vacuum technology and application industry


First, basic supporting industries

1. Vacuum pump group enterprise

2. Industrial coating power supply enterprise

3. Special materials for vacuum coating

4. Vacuum measuring instrument enterprise

5. Vacuum cleaning instrument enterprise

6. Vacuum sealing element enterprise

Vacuum grease enterprises

8. Vacuum coater jig enterprise

9. Vacuum coating testing instrument company

10. Vacuum coating equipment manufacturing enterprise

Sputter cathode enterprises, etc.


Second, vacuum coating OEM application industry

1.OLED flexible display industry

2.LCD hard screen display industry

3. Semiconductor chip industry

4. Memory storage industry

5. Cutter industry

6. Mold industry

7. Curtain wall building glass industry

Smart glass industry

9. Sanitary ware industry

10. Sports equipment industry

11. Battery industry

12. Household appliance industry

Mobile phone glass industry

14. Lens industry

15. Glasses industry

16. Watch industry

17. Stainless steel building material decoration industry

18. Auto lighting industry

19. Lighting industry

20. Oil pipeline industry

Aircraft engines

22. Automobile engine industry

23. Automobile rearview mirror industry

24. Automobile wheel industry

The beauty industry

29. Cosmetics packaging industry

30. Medical equipment industry

The arms industry

32. Bearing industry

33. Saw blade industry

34. Automobile film industry

35. Packaging materials industry

36.PET film industry

37.PMMA plate industry

38. Non-woven fabric industry

Jewelry industry

40. Lock industry

Crystal glass jewelry industry

42. Hardware decoration industry

43. Ceramic industry

44. Footwear industry

45. Signage industry

46. Other decorative parts industry


Third, application terminal field

1. Mobile phone enterprises

2. Display enterprise

3. Household electrical appliances enterprises

4. Lock business

5. Machining enterprises

6. Automobile enterprises

7. Aerospace enterprises

8. Arms enterprise

9. Data equipment enterprises

10. Watch manufacturers

11. E-cigarette enterprises

12. Hardware enterprises

13. Jewelry enterprise

14. Tableware enterprise

15. Pen enterprise

16. Audio speaker enterprise

17.3C and digital electronic products enterprises

19. Oil pipeline enterprises

20. Mold enterprises

21. SMT inductors

22. Supercapacitor enterprises, etc


Fourth, vacuum technology and application

1. Anti-counterfeiting film technology

2. Anti-corrosion coating technology

3. Display and film technology

4. High-temperature film technology

5. Ultra-hard functional film technology

6. Lubrication coating technology

7. Photovoltaic photothermal film technology

8. Infrared recognition film technology

10. Super hydrophobic film technology

11. Ultra-hydrophilic film technology

12. Decorative color film technology

13. Flexible circuit board thin film technology

14. Biofilm technology for mildew and bacteria prevention

15. Thin film technology of optical media storage and memory

16. High-resistance and high-penetration thin film technology

17. High reflectivity thin film technology

18. Energy conservation and environmental protection thin film technology

19. Electrochromic film technology

20. Optical communications storage thin film technology

21. Organic luminescent film technology

22. Inorganic chemical polymer film technology

23. Thin film technology for optical/magnetic data storage

24. Vacuum hydrocarbon washing technology

25. Vacuum drying technology

26. Vacuum melting technology

27. Vacuum metallurgy purification technology

28. Vacuum distillation purification technology

29. Vacuum plasma spraying technology

30. Vacuum brazing technology

31. Vacuum forming technology

32. Vacuum packaging technology

33. Vacuum heat treatment technology

34. Vacuum remelting technology

35. Vacuum acquisition technology

36. Ultra-hard multi-functional thin film technology

37. Flexible thin-film electrode technology

38. Thin film technology for anti-friction and anti-friction

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