The Industry's First ICM Injection Compression Process + Nanometer Coating Model Is About To Be Released, And The Injection Glass Imitation Is Ready To Be Launched

- Jul 13, 2019-

The industry's first "ICM injection compression process + nanometer coating" model is about to be released, and the injection glass imitation is ready to be launched


After announcing the details of Lenovo's Z6 on June 26, on July 2, chang Cheng, Vice President of Lenovo group and chief executive of Lenovo mobile phone, released the detailed configuration diagram of Lenovo's Z6 on web, which will be released on July 4.


I. ICM process is combined with nanoscale coating, making the body thin and textured

According to the released information, lenovo's Z6 hardware is equipped with a 6.39-inch OLED screen with a 93.1% screen, a Snapdragon 730 processor and a 159g battery of 4,000 mah, which is the world's lightest body. In terms of appearance, the Lenovo Z6 adopts metal highlighting of the Rollcage frame to create stronger anti-drop characteristics; G2+ curvature arc frame design makes the grip feel smoother and smoother; For the first time in the industry, the ICM process is combined with 10-layer NCVM vacuum nanometer coating, making Lenovo Z6 more transparent and bright.


The ICM process adopted by Lenovo Z6 compensates for the "shrinkage effect" of the material through the vacuum compression process, and builds a smooth and even transition wall thickness on the double curved surfaces in a shorter time, creating a dazzling transparent sense and shining light effect. Equipped with 10 layers of NCVM vacuum nanometer coating, each layer of coating has experienced vacuum purification, making Lenovo Z6 look crystal transparent and three-dimensional.


II. The permeability of injection glass is increasing steadily, and the industrial chain is ready to be developed

ICM technology is a combination of injection molding and compression molding. The process of ICM is to inject quantitative molten plastic into the mold cavity reserved with a compression gap. The secondary mold closing will also complete the uniform compression of the melt and release the mold after cooling and curing.


Figure injection molding process (source network)

Plastic compression molding is the key technology of plastic back cover imitation glass. As an advanced form of injection molding, injection molding imitation glass can reduce the internal stress of products, reduce the rainbow pattern of transparent products, achieve unequal thickness injection molding, and the molding size is stable, improve the surface quality of products, products with high impact resistance, high transparency, with surface decoration technology to achieve diversified appearance. In addition, the front part of the injection molding process is less and the yield rate is high, which can realize the integrated molding of the back cover and the frame (i.e., unibody), which is beneficial to reduce the cost.


Figure comparison of different ICM forming technologies, picture from shuobide

In 2019, the yield rate of plastic injection glass imitation processing is further improved, and the market penetration rate is steadily increasing. At present, in addition to OPPO, there is a large amount of injection glass imitation Samsung/xiaomi. According to the supply chain information, currently many injection compression projects, an injection molding machine is also on a lot. At the same time even in the frame integrated injection has also begun trial production.



Figure OPPO Realme 3's integrated injection molding body reduces the processing cost and improves the texture of the body


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