The Huawei P30 Was Released, And One Of The All-new Color Schemes USES The Pantone Color Of The Year

- Apr 08, 2019-

The huawei P30 was released, and one of the all-new color schemes USES the Pantone color of the year


On March 26, Beijing time, huawei released its new P30 mobile phone in Paris. In terms of appearance, it adopted five colors: bright black, aurora, red tea orange, pearl light fritillarias and sky, almost all of which adopted gradual design. Among them, the design of red tea tangerine is a brand new color matching that huawei adopts the representative color of pantone in 2019.


First of all, let's have a look at the technology of the appearance and structure of this mobile phone and its main suppliers: the appearance realization process is vacuum gradient coating +UV texture transfer printing, etc., which adopts the laminating process, and the frame adopts anodic oxidation and spraying processes.
Byd is the main supplier of the phone's metal frame, and offers a package of 3D glass cover plate + metal frame, in which the top and bottom of the metal frame are flat design, the whole frame design is smooth and thin, with excellent hand feel.
Lens technology is one of the main suppliers of glass cover plates of front and rear P30 of huawei, and has participated in the whole process from product innovation research and development to mass production, and made more than 50 kinds of schemes before and after.


Next, let's take a look at a new color scheme for the phone: red tea tangerine, which USES the color design of the 2019 representative color released by Pantone.p3047


First, huawei has adopted the Pantone color of the year will be popular in the mobile phone industry?


At the end of 2018, international color authority Pantone released the representative color of 2019. For more details, please see the article: a blockbuster release! Pantone announces the color of the year 2019: live coral orange. It is a warm color, lively and positive, positive life, with a golden background of coral tones with a softer feeling to bring vitality and vitality.


Huawei's P30, a red tea orange model, adopts the representative color of 2019 released by Pantone. It is also the first time that Pantone has been officially used in domestic mobile phones since it launched its color of the year 2019.


This kind of warm color is made on the shell of the mobile phone, giving the whole person a warm feeling like jade, full of passion and vitality, in the hand will have a full sense of vitality. At the same time, this kind of match colors collocation gradual change effect, arrive by deep shallow, arrive by red orange color, be like sunset glow general flowery glorious, Ming yan is moving, get female friends more easily like. This warm gradient design is inspired by both Pantone color of the year and nature. It is believed that with the adoption of huawei phones, Pantone's coral orange color of 2019 May become one of the most popular colors in the mobile phone industry.


Looking back on last year, Pantone's purple color of the year led to a wave of color trends in the mobile phone industry. Will coral orange continue to be a popular color scheme in the mobile phone industry this year? Let's wait and see, I want to learn more about color trend and dry goods, you can come to our will be held on May 11, in the second session of congress and gradients of CMF color design innovation trend BBS ", there will be many experts to share related dry colour, professor of Beijing institute of clothing color experts Cui Wei will bring us the Pantone of the "living coral orange" can become the international main color of 2019"



Ii. What is the effect of Pantone annual color in product application?
Since its release, Pantone color has been widely used in various industries, including consumer electronics, home furnishing, clothing, cosmetics, etc. What effect will this color series have on the product? Let's see.


1. Consumer electronics


2. Costume


3. Device Accessory


4. Beauty makeup


5. Home furnishing industry


6. Packaging industry


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