The First Batch Of Products In Customer's New Coating Service Order Is Successfully Coated DLC Films

- Jan 27, 2018-

Today, the coating process for the first batch of products in customer's new coating service order is completed. The whole set of water faucet are coated attractive DLC films by our decorative PVD coating machine ZY-1212 coating to increase their hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, increase service life and improve decorative properties. 

For our PVD coating machine ZY-1212 for hardwears, electronics (watches, cell-phone, etc), digital products, jewelry, and other products, please cleck here to learn more: Clock And Watch Mid-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine

The coated water faucets is as below picture:

blob.png  blob.png

blob.png  blob.png